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I am 79 years old and have severe arthritis. I have been using the “CBD Daily Intensive Triple Strength” for a week on my lower back and right shoulder. It has relieved almost all my pain and discomfort so that I can sleep at night, and live a more normal life.

Good afternoon!

It was a pleasure speaking with you today! You were very helpful and a great “Director of First Impressions” for your company!

As I shared with you, our salon has been carrying the CBD Daily line of products for a few months now. I doubt we would ever have ventured into this type of product for our clients had I not noticed them while at our distributors warehouse awhile back. I have been treated for a severe form of RLS ( restless leg syndrome ) for several years by a neurologist who has prescribed three or four medications as a treatment plan. Some work for awhile, then create a “rebound effect” which tends to exacerbate the condition. It had impaired my sleep cycles and my ability to sit still for any amount of time. In addition, these medications are usually prescribed for Parkinson’s Disease, which I do not have. In addition, they affect dopamine and L-Dopa production and are quite expensive.

I have tried a number of alternative remedies not only for RLS, but for years of practicing dentistry and the resulting carpal tunnel issues associated with repetitive hand movement. In other words, it was affecting the quality of my life in a most destructive way. I retired from dentistry a bit early as a result of these problems, and frankly lost interest in all of my activities and went to work part-time at my friends hair salon.

After trials of accupressure, acupuncture, TheraWerx foam, more exercise, less exercise, dietary changes and leeching, (no, not really!). I tried some of your products and over the course of a few days found significant relief from the arthritis pain and the sleep deprivation I had been suffering from for so long. I’ve found my routine with the oils and creams and am feeling better than I have in about two years. I’ve reduced my medications for RLS down to one, and finally look forward to heading to bed at night! ( It used to be “Cirque de Soleil” nightly in my room trying to get comfortable!).

I apply the oil to the bottom of my feet before bedtime and use the cream everywhere daily. I keep the roll on in my purse and use it religiously on my knuckles and wrists. I urged my friend to start carrying the products in her salon and the response from clients of all kinds has been remarkable!! We have been selling it as fast as we can get it shelved. We keep a candle burning in the salon daily and it seems the “drama” usually experienced in a hair salon has been greatly reduced! (Please don’t repeat that!!!) This is probably WAY more information than you wanted, so please red-pencil it as you wish if you want to include it in a testimonial page. I’m just delighted and grateful to have found CBD Daily and will continue to use and promote it forever. Thanks so much, Claire! Hope to visit with you again !

Kind regards,

Cynthia Phillips Wood
Salon 13500
Dallas, Texas 75244

I can’t thank you enough for the quick response to this:) I greatly appreciate not having to send the cream I got by mistake back, and I am looking forward to receiving the serums. They have made an immense difference in my range of motion and recovery period after a long shift at work. I’m a nurse and work on the side as doula ( labor support professional) and I can be working at a birth for over 48 hours straight supporting a mom, so my body really has a lot to say about that the next day lol.
Thanks again, your product is absolutely amazing and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.
Jen Allison

I am a recent graduate of the Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at Ohio State University. I have a car and am willing to relocate anywhere. I am reaching out to your company because the help you have given my father is inexplicable and irreplaceable. He has been diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, and your CBD lotions have been absolutely crucial to him overcoming some of his difficult times. The lotions help lower the swelling and pain that are the most common symptoms of the disease, without forcing him to add to his prescription usage, or (thank goodness) the prescription of opioids. 

I am unsure if there are any available positions with your company. I do know that my experience and knowledge in the agricultural field, as well as food production and food safety from my past experience with NASA, would allow me to be an asset to your growing team. I see no better way to enter the biological engineering field than the burgeoning CBD research revolution that is occurring.

Thank you for your time, and again, the help you have given my father in this difficult time.

Samuel M Diamond

The Ohio State University- Columbus
B.S. Food Engineering- December 2018

I just want you to know that the Active Spray is very effective for neuropathy. I have found consistent relief for my post op condition, and am very pleased with your product. I just reordered and have told several people about your products.

Meg Kunze

I used the sample intensive cream on my hands and fingers having played string instruments for 52 years the cream really worked very well with relief stiffness and muscle soreness.
Tony Bailey

I have gone to the same massage therapist for 12 years who is also very intuitive. I took the CBD Serum with me to my appointment for her to use in my massage. On my way home, I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I called her and asked her why this massage felt different, and she thought it was the emotional releasing that experienced. I thought, no, there is something else. My muscles felt so great for over a day and then we both realized that it was the oil. I take it every time I have a massage. She uses it with all her other clients also and gets phenomenal results with massage. I’m a huge advocate.
Judi Price

Really like the smell and it great for dryness and I have arthritis and it seemed to calmed it down.
Sandra Arbaugh

Love your product….have been using multiple products 2 months after left shoulder surgery….getting my friends hooked to your product also….too bad you guys didnt have a consultant program….I would so do it
Erika Tong

I received CBD Daily Intensive. I chose this product since I am bodybuilder and train hard. I utilized this for my sore muscles and strains. I cannot believe how soothing this cream was, and how quickly it relieved the pain in my pulled muscle. I have found my new favorite product for muscle aches and pains!
Jennifer Macias

I have right elbow issues and nothing has worked until I used the free sample of the cbd cream and it worked, it took the pain away when I lift heavy items ect… and I would recommend this product. I will be buying a full size product of this in the future. thank you for making such a great product.
Jessica Shachook

I work in a shop that sells your products, and I recently bought a jar of your CBD Daily cream. Now, I have peripheral neuropathy in my left side, which leads to a great deal of muscle and joint pain in my left leg and in my lower back.

I tried your cream, and it’s AMAZING! It helps so much, to the point where I’m almost pain-free for almost an entire day! Plus, I find that it smells a lot like Noxema, which brings back a lot of great childhood memories.

So, I just wanted to thank you for making this stuff, and I tell everyone in my stores how awesome it is!
Raichael McCarthy

This shit fucking works you guys. I have the worst back pain and it’s constant, this literally stopped pain that was bringing me to tears on the spot. I am amazed.
morningumuses; instagram

This is the best pain relief cream that I have used and, trust me, I have tried them all. It helps me deal with the pain from RA, which can be very challenging at best. It feels like a spa cream, not a pain reliever. It also smells luxurious.
Judy Ferril

I just want to say how much I love the cbd intensive cream. I’m 39 yeas old and last year I found out that I have bone spurs in my right hip. It was causing me a great deal of pain. After a steroid shot and limited activity (I had to stop running) the pain was manageable but still present. A coworker told me to try your cream and I can’t believe how much it helps, I think I may be to the point I can start running again. And I haven’t had to get another steroid injection. I just placed another order and am now going to try the serum and the new balm. Thank you so much for such a great product that is safe to use!
Joslyn Feldmann

I did use CBD today on my arthritic knee, and I feel so good that I might take up pole vaulting this weekend.
Gregg McConnell, Modern Salon Magazine

I would like to thank you for how well your product works. I’m a chronic pain patient, have purchased your Soothing Serum. It offers relief in about 5 seconds to the applied target areas. I have since recommended to all my friends and co-workers (even to my parents and the boss!!). It works up to 6 hours with as little as a tiny drop without feeling sleepy or intoxicated. Since I work at a desk all day it helps my neck Arthritis, back pain from nerve damage, Carpel tunnel, Hip inflammation, and even my Ascension migraine. I will continue recommending it to everyone I know for all ailments. I would love to be a distributor in the future. Keep up the great work!
Bill K.

This is my new favorite product around, every witchy gal should pick some up! When you put this cream on any sore muscles you have , it feels like a spa on your skin ! Great to put on after a nice bath or before bed to relax. And yes it is thc free! ?????? #hemp #cbd #cbdoil #cbddaily#earthlybody #healing

This stuff is incredible! I went back and bought 3 bottles. Keep up the good work! My mom broke her wrists and has arthritis, I can’t wait to give her one of the bottles. I have hip pain and it does the trick.
Angela Foster

CBD Daily helping my arthritic hands, especially in the mornings.

I use the intensive cream religiously. That stuff works pure magic, honestly. Any aches or pains I may have, it’s completely lifted. I expect more products from you guys in the future! Amazing job!

I use CBD Daily soothing Salve on my shoulder regularly. I have tightness and aches from sitting at a computer all day long and carrying a 40 lbs toddler around, CBD Daily soothing salve works instantly to calm the pain and relax my neck and shoulder so that I can continue on with my tasks. I also use it to sooth the pain of my carpal tunnel syndrome when it flares up in my wrist. I love this stuff. i don’t know what I would do without it. I pretty much carry it with me everywhere I go!
BL, Tarzana, CA

I have used CBD Daily Serum to soothe the pain from my rotator cuff injury in the mornings. It stops the pain for hours and seems to offer some healing support as well.
I have used the cream on my feet to help soothe the pain from my plantar fasciitis. It relieves the pain for hours and seems to help move the healing process along quickly.
I have relied on the salve while I’m out living my life and any of my various sport pains or injury pains act up… apply while driving and find instant lasting relief.
When I have muscle pain from an intense workout that keeps me up at night I apply the serum to the effected area and the pain diminished and I am able to fall asleep.
LS, Santa Monica, CA

I really enjoy this serum, I suffer from chronic migraine, due to a brain tumor, I apply the serum on my forhead, back of my neck and other pulse points and can feel relief within minutes, I highly recommend this!

I was cooking on the outside grill and the top wasn’t closed all the way so when I went to open the top I burt 4 fingers on the left hand. I hate burns I didn’t have the cream at the time but I had the oil. I put it on right away and thought great now I will have ice on my hand all night. It went right away. I couldn’t believe it. I have been cocktailing the cream and oil now on a foot injury I have its the top of my foot I sprained and I use it 3 or 4 times daily it makes a big difference.
Patti W

I used to box and tore both my alkalies heels. I had surgery on one but the other is still torn and always hurts. I put CBD Daily salve on one side and it stopped hurting within 5 minutes. Wow This stuff totally works! It’s really amazing. I totally feel less pain on the side that I applied the salve.
Alana Gilson

Woke up after applying CBD Cream last night… zero pain in my knee for the first time in a month!
Jen (salon Owner, Cambio Salon O’Clare WI)

I’m no spring chicken anymore and have an intense love for softball. I use CBD salve on my achy joints after games and next thing I know my pain has lessened and I can enjoy the afterglow of my work out and practice. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to relieve the discomfort of achy joints, sore muscles and general soreness. Works great on knees, fingers/knuckles, elbows, shoulders and more. I will always be a fan of the healing properties of cannabis.
France Legere

CBD Daily Intensive Cream and the Serum are fantastic. The salve will be my next purchase to put in my event bag for those long days! Such a great product! Can’t imagine this one will be any different.
Judy Ferril

These products are great I use them and give them to my clients who love them too!
J.R. D’Angeles (Celebrity Hair Stylist)

Having been a licensed massage therapist for fifteen years I have tested a lot of topical analgesics and CBD Daily Intensive Cream holds it’s own. It has a minty aroma when applied but the smell soon fades and is a pleasant change from the menthol “old man smell” of other CBD topical I have tried. It eased the soreness in my shoulder from a torn biceps ligament injury. A great alternative to the cortisone injections offered up by my sports medicine doctor without the tissue degeneration of injections. Well done.
Herndon Mallaber