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5 Best CBD Topical Creams for 2021

CBD topical creams for pain relief is one of the most well-known beliefs customers have when starting to use CBD topical creams. As for 2021, very few companies in the U.S. have obtained FDA approval to make explicit claims that directly connect their CBD topical creams to pain relief. The giant market demand, however, has pushed many CBD topical manufacturers and especially online retailers to make such marketing claims at the risk of being fined by FDA. 

CBD Daily products is not one of those companies. Although customers raved about CBD Daily Intensive Creams, as far as calling it “an absolute lifesaver”, you will never find us taking credit for the improvement of your pain management situation. What we’re confident about is the health benefits CBD, as a 100% natural chemical compound, brings to the human body.

According to Harvard Medical School, the strongest scientific evidence of CBD health benefits is presented in the treatment of childhood epilepsy syndromes, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. It also shows strong potency in improving seizures. 

When it comes to the much bigger online buzz of CBD’s pain management contribution, Harvard Medical School’s article cited an experiment published in the European Journal of Pain where an animal experiment has proven CBD’s positive effects to lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis. We examined a few published medical studies published by the European Journal of Pain regarding CBD topical’s role in pain relief. It has become clear to us that CBD, as a chemical compound, is indeed “an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults.” 

What remains uncertain and stops FDA from greenlighting the medical claim of CBD topical creams is the standard to regulate the dose, the supplementary ingredients a brand puts into their CBD topical creams. Therefore, we strongly advise our customers to pay close attention to what a CBD topical cream consists of other than Cannabidiol. You can find all ingredients of our CBD topical creams in the “ingredients” tab on their product pages. 

Without further ado, let’s get down to our top 5 CBD topical creams.

Best CBD Topical Creams | CBD Daily Intensive Creams

NO.1 CBD Daily Intensive Cream (1.7 oz, Original Mint)

Our best-selling CBD topical cream packs in 60 mg natural high-potency hemp-derived (THC-free) CBD in a handy 1.7 oz jar. It provides instant therapeutic relief and a soothing sensation to your targeted areas. Aside from Cannabidiol, other major ingredients include Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, and Shea Butter. At a price tag of $25.99, CBD Daily Intensive Cream (1.7 oz, Original Mint) is one of the most affordable and effective CBD topical creams available in the market. Learn more.

Best CBD Topical Creams | CBD Daily Intensive Creams

NO.2 CBD Daily Intensive Cream Triple Strength (8 oz, Original Mint)

CBD Daily Intensive Cream Triple Strength is the strongest CBD Daily CBD topical cream. The 8 oz jar contains 864 mg natural hemp derived CBD (THC-free), and is enriched by other soothing essential oils such as Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, and Shea Butter. It applies immediate 3 times more intensive therapeutic relief to your targeted areas including joints, muscles, back and neck. This rich and creamy CBD topical cream might not be a beginner-friendly item, but it certainly serves the CBD topical veterans’ very well. Like other customers have attested, this product is worth its $139.99 price tag. After all, a little bit goes a long way here.  Learn more.

Best CBD Topical Creams | CBD Daily Intensive Creams

NO.3 CBD Daily Intensive Triple Strength Cream (8 oz, Lavender)

We extended our CBD Daily Intensive Cream Triple Strength to include the much anticipated Lavender fragrance recently. The additional calming scent of Lavender brings an extra level of relaxation and soothing experience. What has not changed is the 864 mg high-potency natural hemp-derived (THC free) CBD still throws a serious punch at those resistant chronic discomforts that’ve been bothering you all these years.  Learn more.

Best CBD Topical Creams | CBD Daily Intensive Creams

NO.4 CBD Daily Intensive Cream (0.5 oz, Original Mint)

If you’re new to the CBD topical world, at only $9.99, the CBD Daily Intensive Cream Travel Size is absolutely the best CBD cream to try out its potential health benefits before committing further more. This little 0.5 oz jar of 100% natural Hemp-derived (THC-free) CBD not only offers immediate therapeutic reliefs & soothing sensation, but also keeps your skin supple and moisturized with the additional essential oils such as shea butter. You can enjoy the CBD topical cream while on the go. Learn more.

Best CBD Topical Creams | CBD Daily Intensive Creams

NO.5 CBD Daily Intensive Cream (1.7 oz, Lavender)

Level up the immediate therapeutic relief & soothing sensation with our best-selling CBD Daily Intensive Cream 1.7 oz lavender CBD Cream, packed with 60mg high potency 100% natural hemp-derived (THC-free) lavender CBD oil in a compact 1.7 oz jar. It is the best starting point for someone who wants to test out the lavender CBD cream’s benefits before gradually graduating to the 3 times more intensive CBD Daily Intensive Cream Triple Strength Lavender scent cream. The 60mg CBD content is a comfortable middle range that works for intermediate CBD topical users. Learn more.

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